Meet the production team

Stephen Rush, Senior Director FG Manufacturing IE

Stephen Rush

Job title: Senior Director FG Manufacturing, LEO Pharma Ireland 

Key area of focus: Lead the Finished Goods Manufacturing Ireland organisation to execute the 2020 strategy at Dublin. Deliver on supply and compliance targets while building a learning organisation with an improvement culture. Act as a catalyst for change.

LEO Pharma passion: I’m really passionate about building strong teams and creating forward momentum. Growing supportive energy and a collaborative environment for change – every person makes a difference.

Life passion: I love to learn how things work – usually too curious for my own good! I have three kids so spend most of my spare time bringing them from one sports event to another – father of three but chauffeur to many. 

David Harrington

Job title: Director, innohep® API, LEO Pharma Cork & Esbjerg

Key area of focus: Ensuring the teams in Cork & Esbjerg are high performing and continuously improving in an ever changing environment.

LEO Pharma passion: Knowing that everything we do helps to save lives – the patient is central to all that we do.

Life passion: Spending time with family and close friends. Watching hurling (GAA) played at the highest level is pure joy! 

Meet the production team Aisling Dolan

Aisling Dolan

Job title: Senior Manager, Continuous Improvement, LEO Pharma Ireland

Key area of focus: Supporting Site to develop a Continuous Improvement (CI) mind-set and embed CI as a way of thinking and working.

LEO Pharma passion: For over 110 years LEO Pharma has been changing people’s lives for the better – we have done that through constantly changing and evolving and finding new and better ways to do things. CI in practice!


Meet the production team Thomas (Ger) Pyne

Thomas (Ger) Pyne

Job title: Supply Chain Director – FGM, LEO Pharma Ireland

Key area of focus: Ensuring FGM IE supply their product range to our patients on-time in-full in the most efficient way possible.

LEO Pharma passion: Knowing what we do makes a real difference to our patients lives.

Life passion: Watching my son grow up. Watching Munster and Ireland rugby games.


Meet the production team Diarmaid Marrinan

Diarmaid Marrinan

Job title: Director of Technical Services, LEO Pharma Ireland

Key area of focus: Ensuring we in LEO Pharma meet our patients' needs in terms of timely delivery of effective medicines.

LEO Pharma passion: Developing and introducing new technologies to improve our ability to meet our patients' needs in a cost effective manner.

Life passion: Family; Arts, music and literature; I have a keen interest in the natural environment, wildlife gardening in particular.

Meet the production team Niall Dunne

Niall Dunne

Job title: Production Director FG Manufacturing, LEO Pharma Ireland

Key area of focus: Creating a high performance team within FG Manufacturing IE.  Make and supply high quality product on time though continuous improvement every day. 

LEO Pharma passion: Being part of a company which is changing rapidly to get products to our patients faster and more cost effectively. Creating an environment for teamwork and collaboration.  

Life passion: Family, friends, travelling and cycling 


Sharon McCaul

Sharon McCaul

Job title: EHS Manager, LEO Pharma Ireland

Key area of focus: Effective Environmental, Health & Safety Management that supports individuals and departments working together to build strong culture that demonstrates leading safety behaviours and practices so that people and the environment are protected.

LEO Pharma passion: Is everyone wanting to work as active leaders in safety and have the desire to promote safety first in everything we do so that we protect ourselves, our colleagues, the environment and our patients each and every day.

Life passion: Spending quality time with family and friends.  


Anne Marie O’Leary

Job title: Site Quality Lead, LEO Pharma Dublin

Key area of focus: Ensuring LEO Pharma Dublin is best in class. 

LEO Pharma passion: Knowing Sarah receives a quality LEO Pharma product every time.

Life passion: Spending time with family and friends. Travelling & having new adventures. 


Meet the production team Dr Brian Sweetman

Dr Brian Sweetman

Job title: Senior Manager, Global MSAT, LEO Pharma Ireland

Key area of focus: To ensure Global MSAT IE is secure, and improve manufacturing processes at FGMIE and at LEO Pharma partner organisations across the globe. To lead strategic projects within GPS & seamlessly introduce new products through the development of robust manufacturing processes.

LEO Pharma passion: Demonstrating leadership enabling our people and LEO Pharma to succeed.

Life passion: Playing the guitar & spending time with friends and family particularly my son, Rian.