Partner with us

As part of our commitment to improving people’s health through ethical innovation and a people-focus, LEO Pharma enter partnerships with other groups and organisations who share our passions and beliefs, allowing us to ultimately improve patient outcomes together and meet our pledge of Helping SARAH more effectively.

Some of our most successful collaborations have been with research and academic institutions, as well as with other pharmaceutical groups and partners.

Patients Association: PSO What?

LEO Pharma is proud to partner with the Patients Association to raise awareness of dermatological conditions, including psoriasis, to drive greater access for patients to holistic care. A key collaboration, also including an expert Task Force of healthcare professionals, patients and patient charities was developing the PSO What? report: A snapshot of the challenges of living and managing psoriasis in the UK & Ireland. The report calls for three things: 

  • Challenge the misconception and stigma around psoriasis and for it to be a higher healthcare priority
  • Support people living with psoriasis and healthcare professionals in working together to  agree individual management goals and holistic care programmes
  • Drive the implementation of regular reviews, at least annually, and more frequently if required, and regular screening for co-morbidities.

It also asked people, in all walks of life, to help drive change. PSO What? will you pledge to do to improve psoriasis and help people affected to live well?

LEO Pharma PSO What? Report Helping patients LEO Pharma PSO What? logo supporting patients

Industry Dermatology Initiative (formerly ABPI Dermatology Initiative) 

LEO Pharma UK is proud to be part of the Industry Dermatology Initiative. LEO currently chair the group which draws together five pharmaceutical companies whose focus is on improving care for people with dermatological conditions. The group’s aim is to collaborate with people and organisations from across the field of dermatology to complement existing work streams in this area. 

In its former guise, the ABPI DI, convened a group of dermatology experts in 2014 including both professional and patient organisations (Expert Working Group), to assess the most urgent issues in the care of people with long-term skin conditions in primary care, and to make practical, evidence-based recommendations for the optimal management of long-term inflammatory skin conditions in light of increasing emphasis on the treatment of skin cancer and skin lesions.

Considering this growing demand, the ABPI Dermatology Initiative report seeks to fill the gap in existing research and proposes achievable and pragmatic next steps in three areas: 

  • Optimising self-management
  • Using technology and innovation to streamline the patient pathway
  • Maximising the use of available resource, skill and experience within the NHS to improve care

Anticoagulation Europe (ACE):

ACE and LEO Pharma joined forces to spearhead an initiative to raise awareness of blood clots in cancer, also known as Cancer Associated Thrombosis (CAT), developing educational resources for patients and carers; ‘Blood clots, Cancer and You.’ These have now been adopted by numerous hospital trusts and charities across the UK and Ireland and the work continues to reach even more patients who need the information.

Partnering on education

"For over 30 years, I have had only positive experiences with LEO Pharma. The high professional standards demonstrated by everyone from the company I have had dealings with, are only to be admired, e.g. services and support programmes such as QualityCare™. Patient safety, efficacy and satisfaction remain a high priority. Through evidence-based research, they continue to introduce newer innovative agents to skin clinicians. Their commitment to dermatology and medical education continues to be of the highest quality."

– Professor Rino Cerio, Consultant Dermatologist, Barts Health NHS Trust

"I would like to thank LEO Pharma for their ongoing support and encouragement to Thrombosis Ireland in our quest to raise awareness about Thrombosis and in particular Cancer Associated Thrombosis. Patients, families & carer's need to be informed of the risk, the signs to look for and the need to seek immediate medical attention, otherwise, how can they protect themselves and their loved ones".

– Ann Marie O'Neill, Thrombosis Patient & founder of Thrombosis Ireland

We always welcome further opportunities to partner with other groups and organisations. If your team shares our passion for helping people to live fuller and healthier lives,  Contact us.