Meet the UK/IE affiliate team

Everyone at LEO Pharma has a passion and commitment to helping people live fuller and more enriched lives. 

Geraldine Murphy, Vice President, Europe North & ANZ

Geraldine Murphy

Job Title: Vice President, Cluster Europe North, Australia & New Zealand

Key area of focus: Driving success in Cluster Europe North and implementing a new, efficient and exciting way of working which will add value for patients, our people and for LEO Pharma.

LEO Pharma passion: Having the privilege of leading a fantastic team of committed individuals and knowing that by coming to work every day we, in LEO Pharma, make a difference to the lives of people living with skin conditions.

Life passion: Holiday time with my family, skiing, sailing and exploring new countries and cultures.


Dr Amit Aggarwal

Dr Amit Aggarwal

Job title: Medical Affairs Director, Cluster Europe North, Australia & New Zealand

Key area of focus: Enabling, empowering and freeing the medical team to work in partnership with LEO Pharma colleagues, healthcare professionals and patients to address what remains a significant unmet need in therapies and service provision for patients suffering from skin conditions.

LEO Pharma passion: The privilege of working with and leading some of the brightest, most committed individuals I have met professionally, the sum of which is greater than it’s parts. And, as a former dermatology patient myself, knowing that everyday we make a difference to the lives of patients.

Life passion: Precious time with my wife, daughter, son, and the eldest child, our Cavalier King Charles dog!


Andy Carter LEO Pharma

Andy Carter

Job title: Business Unit Director Thrombosis, UK & Ireland

Key area of focus: Ensuring patients that experience a blood clot or Cancer Associated Thrombosis (CAT) receive the best all round care possible including earlier diagnosis, appropriate medical intervention and effective patient support in the long term.

LEO Pharma passion: Seeing people succeed – creating an environment where teams can work collaboratively, developing new ideas and strategies that challenge our healthcare professionals and address unmet needs that will benefit our patients that experience blood clots.  

Life passion: Enjoying life which includes wine, food, cooking and friends. My sedate sporting love is golf and my adventurous side is road bike mountain climbing across Europe. Love to do one to two extreme sporting events each year. One year I climbed Mount Ventoux in France!


Nadege Feeser LEO Pharma

Nadege Feeser

Job title: Business Unit Director Atopic Dermatitis, Cluster Europe North, Australia & New Zealand

Key area of focus: Working to expand the value that LEO Pharma can bring people with atopic dermatitis.

LEO Pharma passion: I am passionate about accelerating access to atopic dermatitis treatment for underserved patients, with innovative strategies and talent development.

Life passion: Life is about learning and enjoying. I enjoy the journey, spending time with my family and friends, and being grateful of every new day in good health. I have fun horse riding, practicing yoga and running.


Lee Gittings LEO Pharma

Lee Gittings 

Job title: Business Unit Director Psoriasis, Cluster Europe North, Australia & New Zealand

Key area of focus: Ensuring our psoriasis medicines and support services are making a positive difference to patients and our portfolio delivers the necessary revenue to fuel our development and introduction of new innovative medicines, to continue the LEO Pharma heritage in medical dermatology.

LEO Pharma passion: Living and breathing customer and patient-centricity, so that we can provide compelling and life enhancing solutions that make a positive and sustainable difference.

Life passion: Being Welsh, rugby is in my heart, body and soul, so I love watching Wales play, even more so when we win! I enjoy trying to stay fit and have become rather obsessional about trying to eat healthily and fending off temptation most of the time! 


Funmi Oluwa, Market Access & External Affairs Director, UK& Ireland

Funmi Oluwa

Job title: Market Access & External Affairs Director, UK & Ireland 

Key area of focus: Working in partnership with health and policy decision makers to ensure the healthcare system is prepared and can provide ’access to’ and support uptake of LEO Pharma’s products so that the right patient can get the right LEO Pharma solution for their skin condition, at the right time.  

LEO Pharma passion: Being part of a diverse group of people with different skills & expertise across LEO Pharma working together to make things happen because we are united in our passion to make a real difference in people’s lives.   

Life passion: Fulfilling my purpose as a mother, wife, daughter & sister. Fashion and travelling with family and friends. 

Barbara Reilly LEO Pharma UKIE

Barbara Reilly

Job title: Commercial Excellence Director, Cluster Europe North, Australia & New Zealand

Key area of focus: A team of business partners delivering data driven insights, driving several business processes and activities to ensure all teams have the knowledge and skills to deliver on our business goals.  

LEO Pharma passion: Working with a committed team of people who are passionate about what they do and focused on making a difference for people with psoriasis and atopic dermatitis.

Life passion: Time spent with family and friends is most important to me. I also enjoy having a challenge to achieve whether it’s a marathon, or a longer distance cycle this keeps me focused.  

Phil Walker LEO Pharma

Philip Walker

Job title: Finance Director, Cluster Europe North, Australia & New Zealand

Key area of focus: Clear financial leadership – driving business performance and the delivery of our financial goals; shaping the strategic direction of the Cluster and the allocation of resources to deliver this; and tight management of our supply chain.

LEO Pharma passion: Meeting and hearing from the people that our products make a difference to. I particularly love hearing about how people can enjoy their life again because of the work we do at LEO Pharma.

Life passion: My family – I love to explore the world with my wife and to rediscover it in new ways with my children.


Julie Watret LEO Pharma

Julie Watret

Job title: People Director, Cluster Europe North, Australia & New Zealand

Key area of focus: Driving the delivery of our patient-centered business strategy through the development of our people and our organisational capability. 

LEO Pharma passion: The innovative and collaborative work we do, in partnership with healthcare professionals, gives LEO Pharma employees a powerful sense of purpose that we are making a real difference to patients lives. 

Life passion: Living a life of courage and fulfilment and encouraging others to do the same.