Working with us

The LEO Pharma team is quite literally LEO Pharma! They are the powerful force driving the organisation’s commitment to Helping SARAH. Passionate people are our lifeblood and vital to the development of pioneering solutions and innovative resources. They bring to life our passions, beliefs and the LEO Foundation mission statement.

Working at LEO Pharma in our Finance team

LEO Pharma people are focused on meeting unmet needs through impactful and innovative activities and outputs. We strive to tackle dermatological (skin) and thrombotic (blood clotting) conditions through a constant focus on how we can best serve the needs of the people whose lives we aim to improve. We are dedicated not only to improving the lives of people with dermatology and thrombotic conditions, but also in investing in our own people’s skills, competencies and aspirations, which is why at LEO Pharma UK/IE we invest in continual personal development across our entire team.

Careers Continued development at LEO Pharma

Our focus on development, which includes internal leadership programmes, a dynamic and diverse internal training catalogue and management forums ensure that our colleagues’ growth and professional development are always evolving. 2019 will see the roll out of a new performance and development tool, in the form of ‘LEO GROW’, which will continue to support and further encourage personal growth and career progression across our entire organisation.

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