Skin conditions

Quite simply, at LEO Pharma our mission is to help people achieve healthy skin. There are millions of people living with a skin condition, ranging from those which are described as “mild and manageable” to others that can be invasive and potentially terminal. However, at LEO Pharma we know that there are many myths and misconceptions about skin conditions and understand that all skin conditions can be life-altering and have the potential to deeply impact on a person’s life, regardless of perceived severity: Skin ‘conditions’ can be much more than skin deep.

LEO Pharma is at the forefront of shaping medical dermatology and pioneering to drive innovation in dermatological (skin) treatments, such as the development of new formulations and methods of application to suit individual patient needs. We are now using our dermatology experience gained in ‘topical’ treatments that are applied to the skin, which spans over half a century, to include the use of systemics and introduce biologics (medicines taken by mouth or administered by injection) as novel treatment options.

We understand that managing and treating a skin disease requires a thoughtful and holistic approach that sees people as individuals. Through Helping SARAH our patient focused approach, we have developed a wide-range of initiatives aimed towards raising awareness; reducing stigma and improving the management of skin conditions including PSO What? and the award winning Give Nothing to Psoriasis programme. Our psoriasis activities draw on insights and advice from the Voices in Partnership (ViP) programme, an initiative that invites people living with psoriasis to partner with us in order to ensure that we best represent and act in the interests of the people whose lives we aim to help.