Tackling thrombotic conditions

LEO Pharma is a world leader in thrombotic (blood clot) care, meeting unmet medical needs which benefit millions of people around the world. With a commitment to undertake innovative research and a pledge to always have people at the heart of everything we do, we strive to improve lives through high ethical standards and empowering people with these conditions to have a better quality of life.

LEO Pharma Thrombosis mission and vision

LEO is proud of our disease awareness and support programmes that help empower people to have the confidence to take control of their conditions. CancerClotâ„¢ offers support to people living with cancer associated thrombosis (CAT). 

Through listening to those that we are committed to serving, we can better support people by delivering holistic solutions that go beyond medical fundamentals. After over a century of innovative and ethical research, we understand that tackling life-altering and life-threatening conditions requires a multi-disciplinary approach, including recognising the importance of actively listening to the first-hand experiences of people who live with the conditions that we aim to treat. As part of this, the Voices in Partnership (ViP) Programme facilitates people living with thrombosis partnering with LEO Pharma UK/IE in order give vital insights into the conditions that they live with, helping us to develop solutions together.