Cancer associated thrombosis

A person with cancer is up to seven-times1 as likely to get a thrombotic (blood clotting) condition compared to someone without the disease, with chemotherapy further increasing the risk of thrombosis (a blood clot) developing2.

Cancer patients are more likely to die if they develop blood clots and are also more likely to develop complications from typical thrombosis treatment3. In order to avoid unnecessary deaths, it is vital to raise awareness of the thrombosis risk factors, as well as the signs and symptoms of a blood clot amongst healthcare professionals and cancer patients. 

The need for increased awareness in cancer-associated thrombosis (CAT) led to LEO Pharma developing a Cancer-Associated Thrombosis resource in association with award winning patient charity Anticoagulation UK (ACUK). This CAT resource known as ‘Blood, Clots, Cancer & You’ is an animation that aims to raise awareness of CAT among both patients and healthcare professionals. 

The Blood Clots, Cancer & You animation provides simple information, hints and tips on how to avoid CAT and what happens if you do develop CAT. In partnership LEO Pharma and ACUK also created CAT Alert cards, specially designed resources to work as a reminder for people affected by cancer of the signs to watch out for in relation to blood clots.

"I would like to thank LEO Pharma for their ongoing support and encouragement to Thrombosis Ireland in our quest to raise awareness about Thrombosis and in particular Cancer Associated Thrombosis. Patients, families & carer's need to be informed of the risk, the signs to look for and the need to seek immediate medical attention, otherwise, how can they protect themselves and their loved ones".

– Ann Marie O'Neill, Thrombosis Patient & founder of Thrombosis Ireland.



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