Supporting you

At LEO Pharma UK/IE, our main commitment is to improve the lives of people living with dermatological (skin) and thrombotic (blood clots) conditions through innovative and ethical research and campaigns. We understand that tackling a condition requires a thoughtful and holistic approach, which is why we strive to give a voice to the people who we help through collaboration and cooperation. Moreover, we endeavour to play an active part in the education of healthcare professionals.

LEO Pharma colleagues healthy outdoor walk in Hurley

Our commitment to improving the lives of millions of people worldwide is more than skin deep, with our group ethos of Helping SARAH being a promise to always place people at the heart of everything that we do. We are also devoted to upholding the mission statement of the LEO Foundation, our sole owners whose charter ensures that we remain an independent and research-focused group dedicated to improving people’s lives. Being a Foundation also means that we do not need to answer to short term shareholders or external requirements, allowing us to keep our focus on the long term and to advancing medical treatments to help people become healthier and more empowered.

We strive to engage and collaborate with people living with dermatology (skin) and thrombotic (blood clots) conditions. Our Voices in Partnership (ViP) Programme and other awareness programmes allow us to better understand and represent those who we aim to support in order to develop more effective programmes and outputs.