Our programmes – Dermatology

Grounded in a desire to succeed in our global mission to help people achieve healthy skin, we have been at the forefront of advancing dermatological care for over half a century through our approach and developing pioneering treatments and resources. Here are some examples of our programmes:

The Voices in Partnership (ViP) programme brings together people living with the conditions that we tackle as expert patients so that we can better understand the day-to-day impact of having a dermatological (skin) or thrombotic condition (blood clot), allowing us to work together on an ongoing basis to drive change. 

Thrombosis Voices in Partnership programme  Psoriasis Voices in Partnership programme

QualityCare™ is a free and confidential service to support people living with psoriasis. Illustrating LEO Pharma’s commitment to support the community beyond treatment, QualityCare™ provides relevant and credible information including treatment options and disease management through holistic and multichannel support. As well as diet and nutrition advice, QualityCare™ includes The Blogger Universe, which houses real stories from real people living with psoriasis and MindBoost, a stress management and mindfulness tool developed in collaboration with expert consultants in dealing with stress. 

The ‘PSO What?’initiative is a partnership between the Patients Association and LEO Pharma together with a multidisciplinary expert task force that aims to challenge behaviours and perceptions in psoriasis through education and encouraging positive change, ultimately improving access to holistic care and better outcomes. This is done by bringing to light the true impact of psoriasis on patients and healthcare systems through a report from the PSO What? expert Task Force made up of patient organisations, people living with psoriasis and healthcare professionals. 

PSO What? a partnership between the Patients Association and LEO Pharma

Stemming from the findings in the PSO What? Report, the PSO-morbidities programme has also been developed to provide education on the co-morbidities that can co-exist with psoriasis to highlight that psoriasis is more than skin deep. 

Give Nothing to Psoriasis is a disease awareness programme with a difference. Designed to reach people with psoriasis that are disengaged with the management of their condition. LEO Pharma want to help psoriasis sufferers take control of their condition and, if appropriate, get back to their GP and help them get the support they need.

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