Our programmes - Thrombosis

Striking statistics such as that each year around 4,000 people in England die from Cancer Associated Thrombosis (CAT)1 and that VTE is the second most common cause of death in patients with cancer2, are the reason that we strive to deliver and support access to effective thrombotic (blood) treatments and resources as well as to raise awareness of the importance of education on Cancer Associated Thrombosis (CAT).

CAThrombosis is an award-winning web portal for healthcare professionals that contains extensive educational and news content on the area of blood clots in cancer. The resource aims to provide a stimulating suite of educational resources for healthcare professionals who wish to educate themselves further in this complex double-sided clinical relationship between malignancy and thrombosis.

Blood Clots, Cancer and You is another award winning programme, developed in partnership with AntiCoagulation Europe, which raises awareness of the risks of blood clots in cancer patients. Together we developed innovative resources to provide much needed information to healthcare professionals who provide counsel and care and patients who may be at risk.




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