Supporting patients

The desire and drive to improve the lives of people living with dermatological (skin) or thrombotic (blood clotting) conditions is at the heart of all of our work at LEO Pharma, with our team constantly asking the question: “How is this Helping SARAH?”

Our entire organisation is built upon a devotion to improve people’s lives globally, as a result of our Foundation status and ethos. As a result, our core programmes always have a major focus on those who are most important to us: the people whose lives we strive to improve. These include partnership initiatives, patient support resources (QualityCare™) and patient engagement programmes (ViP Programme).

Psoriasis Association logo

“The Psoriasis Association and LEO Pharma have a relationship dating back decades. Through different personnel at both organisations, the relationship has continued to grow owing to the underlying ethos of the relationship being built on mutual respect.

Developing new treatments and their market launch is always an exciting time for patients who look to the patient support organisation for advice. LEO Pharma provides the Psoriasis Association with regular updates and staff support in order for us to be confident in the information we are providing to patients.

Having named contacts at an organisation is of huge benefit, and the contacts the Psoriasis Association has at LEO Pharma appear genuinely interested in supporting our work, learning and respecting the limits of our resources and continuing the strong links we have long valued.”

– Helen McAteer, Chief Executive Officer, Psoriasis Association