Give Nothing to Psoriasis

Give Nothing to Psoriasis is a disease awareness programme with a difference. Designed to reach people with psoriasis that are disengaged with the management of their condition. LEO Pharma want to help psoriasis sufferers take control of their condition and, if appropriate, get back to their GP and help them get the support they need. Our research shows that in some cases rather than going back to see their GP many people living with psoriasis learn to cope with their condition by cutting out the parts of their life it affects. People can underestimate how much of their lives they are cutting out because it can happen gradually and often subconsciously.  

Give Nothing to Psoriasis Logo

To challenge this we knew our campaign had to feature real stories to reach patients to help them recognise how much of their own lives they may be giving away because of their psoriasis, and encourage them to go back and re-engage with their GP practice, with the support this campaign provides.  So quite literally, it is empowering people to ‘Give Nothing to Psoriasis’. 

Give Nothing to Psoriasis has been very well received by patients and recognised with several national awards since its launch in 2017: 

PM Society awards 2017 

  1. Craft Award – Disease Awareness (Patients) GOLD for Give Nothing to Psoriasis 

  1. Craft Award – Film & Animation (Patients) – SILVER for Give Nothing to Psoriasis 

  1. Craft Award – Best Use of Insight – GOLD for Give Nothing to Psoriasis 

  1. And finally – Best of Show (celebrating the best work seen across all 19 award categories)  – GOLD for Give Nothing to Psoriasis 

PM Society Digital awards 2018 

  1. Craft Award – Film – BRONZE – Give Nothing to Psoriasis 


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