Helping SARAH

Helping SARAH is the ethical and people-focused ethos and strategy of LEO Pharma which is engrained throughout all levels of our organisation, globally and in the UK and Ireland. Helping SARAH ensures that everything we do will always centre on serving the needs of people who are affected by the conditions in our focus areas. Everything that we do is continually challenged by us asking the same question: “How is this Helping SARAH?”

Helping SARAH guides us to best represent the millions of people around the world who live with a skin condition or who are faced with a blood clot. “SARAH” deserves the best care and access to treatments and resources that meet her individual needs, allowing her to live a fuller and more rewarding life despite the physical or emotional impacts of her condition. Everyone at LEO Pharma UK/IE considers Helping SARAH in all of their actions, with patient-focused goals highlighted across activities and outputs and built into our teams’ individual objectives.

LEO Pharma Helping SARAH patient centric


The (VIP) Programme is just one initiative developed to inform Helping SARAH. Neil Roberts, who lives with psoriasis and is a member of our ground-breaking Voices in Partnership (ViP) programme, discusses his experiences of partnering with LEO Pharma UK/IE as an expert patient to improve psoriasis management and awareness:

Helping SARAH can also be seen through our disease awareness campaigns, psoriasis management resource and free & confidential QualityCare™ support programme.