PSO What?

PSO What? a partnership between the Patients Association and LEO Pharma

It is estimated that 1.8 million people in the UK1 and over 73,000 people in Ireland suffer from psoriasis2. PSO What? is a partnership between the Patients Association and LEO Pharma together with a multidisciplinary expert task force that aims to challenge behaviours and perceptions in psoriasis through education and encouraging positive change, ultimately improving access to holistic care and better outcomes. This is done by bringing to light the true impact of psoriasis on patients and healthcare systems through a report from the PSO What? expert Task Force made up of patient organisations, people living with psoriasis and healthcare professionals.

PSO What? report developed by LEO Pharma and Patients Association shows negative impact of psoriasis on quality of life

PSO What? outputs include live events, media activities and social media conversations. At the core of PSO What? is a charter with actionable commitments for all those whose lives are impacted by psoriasis.

Are you ready to make your PSO What? pledge. PSO What? will you do differently to drive change? To make your pledge and read or download a copy of the PSO What? report click here.

Click to read or download a copy of the PSO What? report



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