QualityCare™ is a free and confidential service to support people living with psoriasis that is founded on decades of innovative and people-focused initiatives. Illustrating LEO Pharma’s commitment to support the community beyond treatment, QualityCare™ provides relevant and credible information to those with psoriasis, including information about treatment options and disease management through holistic and multichannel support. 

QualityCare™ provides meaningful support to the 60,000 people living with psoriasis globally who have signed up to the programme to date. As well as diet and nutrition information, QualityCare™ includes The Blogger Universe, which houses real stories from real people living with psoriasis and MINDBOOST, a stress management and mindfulness tool developed in collaboration with expert consultants in dealing with stress. 

MINDBOOST stress management programme for psoriasis on QualityCare™

Following its overwhelming success at LEO Pharma UK/IE affiliate level, QualityCare™ is now available throughout all LEO Pharma hubs and has recently been extended to support people with cancer associated thrombosis

“QualityCare™ is an excellent holistic resource developed with healthcare and patient experts, which provides practical information and tools that can bring additional support and self management to patients outside of a typical 10 minute consultation.”

– Dr Sandra N. Minor  FRCP, Consultant Dermatologist, Chichester Nuffield Hospital and Sussex Community Dermatology Service

To find out more and to sign up to QualityCare™, visit the website here