ViP programme

At LEO Pharma UK/IE, we are committed to putting the people who are affected by skin conditions and facing blood clots at the forefront of everything that we do, which is why we established the Voices in Partnership (ViP) programme. The ViP initiative brings together people living with the conditions that we tackle so that we can better understand the day-to-day impact of having a dermatological or thrombotic condition and work together to drive change from an expert patients perspective. 

Actively listening to the people we aim to help is firmly embedded in LEO Pharma’s ethos, such as regularly undertaking market research of people living with the conditions we aim to treat and involving patients at the early stages of our research and development programmes, helping us to design solutions that work for them. However, the ViP programme takes this active listening even further by inviting people living with skin and thrombotic (blood clot) conditions to become an important part of our team on a long term basis, enabling them to have an active voice as an expert patient and for us to have a first-hand perspective in effectively understanding their needs. This helps us to partner and develop programmes together that raise awareness of these conditions and aim to reduce the physical and emotional burdens of people affected by these conditions, ultimately improving patient outcomes.

Thrombosis Voices in Partnership programme  Psoriasis Voices in Partnership programme