About us

LEO Pharma is a global organisation with a rich history and heritage of over 110 years expertise in developing innovative care solutions and holistic programmes. 

We drive dermatology beyond the skin: We are ambitious and passionate about improving the lives of people that live with dermatological (skin) and thrombotic (blood clot) conditions. It is our ambition to have the broadest and deepest dermatology portfolio within the industry.

We are wholly owned in by the LEO Foundation, which means that we have the privilege and obligation to always put patients first and not shareholders. We focus on patients' needs and do what is right in the long-term to proudly serve patients rather than shareholders. Our Foundation model means we’re able to forego short-term profits and are free to invest in tomorrow's care solutions. This encourages long-term research and development programmes.

LEO Pharma colleagues discussing a project

We care: We are driven by a uniquely shared commitment: We see the people who we are committed to helping as individuals that all have different needs. We strive to put patients at the core of all we do, with our patient focused approach that we refer to as Helping SARAH. We do this through our unrivalled patient engagement, disease awareness initiatives and pioneering research and development, all of which aims not only to provide treatments but also help people with these conditions to live well. In the case of thrombosis we ultimately aim to prevent conditions from presenting in the first place.