Healthcare professional payments

At LEO Pharma UK/IE, we are proud of the ethical and transparent culture that is embedded across our organisation and expressed in our values. 

We all have a responsibility and commitment to act in a responsible and transparent manner not only through the LEO Foundation and Helping SARAH.

We take compliance very seriously and we ensure we apply the principles and adhere to the requirements of the Association of British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) and the Irish Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Association (IPHA) Codes of Practice in everything we do. 

LEO Pharma recognises and supports increased transparency as an important means of demonstrating integrity of the pharmaceutical industry and as an aid to build and maintain the trust of the general public and healthcare professionals. 

In line with the above, LEO Pharma UK/IE welcomes the disclosure of transfers of value (TOV) to Healthcare Professionals (HCPs), Healthcare Organisations (HCOs) and Other Relevant Decision Makers (ORDMs). 

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the ABPI agreed that the 2019 data on disclosures would initially be published in aggregate format on their website and named individual level HCP/HCO payments would be published at a later date. The 2019 disclosure data was subsequently re-published on 27th November 2020, disaggregated as normal on the ABPI website.

Visit the ABPI or IPHA disclosure pages to find out more.