Patient Organisations

LEO Pharma commends the invaluable work that patient organisations undertake to help bring benefit to people whose daily lives are affected by a health condition. This mirrors our own ethos, as at the heart of everything we do is the drive and passion to improve the lives and health outcomes of people living with dermatological (skin) and thrombotic conditions (blood clots). 

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To translate this commitment into reality, we actively engage in partnerships and dialogue with patient organisations. 

“The Psoriasis Association and LEO Pharma have had a relationship dating back decades. Through different personnel at both organisations, the relationship has continued to grow owing to the underlying ethos of the relationship being built on mutual respect.”

– Helen McAteer, CEO, The Psoriasis Association

LEO Pharma Working with patient organisations psoriasis association

“LEO Pharma is a valued partner is advancing and supporting the ISF’s work with people living with chronic skin conditions. The underpinning foundation structure which channels resources into research, deep experience in dermatology and commitment to innovation are just some of the features that distinguish LEO in the sector.”

– David McMahon, CEO, The Irish Skin Foundation

LEO Pharma Working with patient organisations Irish Skin Foundation

Reflecting our desire to be transparent, ethical and respectful to our partners, our work with patient organisations is governed by the framework provided by our values, the LEO Code of Conduct together with the ABPI and IPHA Codes of Practice in the UK and Ireland respectively. 

Please see the list of patient organisations LEO Pharma engaged with and the type of support provided here.