Research and Development

LEO Pharma’s heritage in pioneering innovative treatments to tackle previously unmet medical needs goes back over a century. We are committed to being at the forefront of dermatological (skin) and thrombotic (blood clotting) care through the delivery of insights-led innovation and investment, with 18% of LEO Pharma’s global annual turnover being dedicated to Research & Development. 

LEO Pharma Research and development in the laboratory

From being the first company outside of the UK or US to produce penicillin, to our pioneering work in improving the confidence and stress management of people with psoriasis through the QualityCare™ MindBoost tool, innovation to improve people’s lives has always been at the heart of LEO Pharma.

Led by over 700 scientific experts and supported by hundreds of academic and institutional research centres globally, LEO Pharma’s global pledge to undertake focused and long-term R&D is made possible through the LEO Foundation, whose ownership of our organisation ensures that we serve patients and focus on helping people live healthier and fuller lives, rather than act in the interests of shareholders or third parties.

LEO Pharma’s pioneering R&D teams are knowledgeable and inventive in developing a rich pipeline of dermatological (skin) and thrombotic (blood clotting) treatments, which play a vital role in Helping SARAH and bringing our passions and beliefs to life. LEO Pharma’s R&D is increasingly being driven by listening to patient insights, as well as our clinical  and therapeutic expertise, which allows us to develop holistic, practical care solutions that go beyond pharmacological treatment only.

We believe in the power of sharing knowledge and also foster an environment to encourage the sharing of research and ideas via LEO Pharma Open Innovation. This is a collaborative space created to explore partnerships and the latest research using some of LEO Pharma’s unique scientific resources. It allows access to proprietary, disease-relevant assays, and insights into LEO Pharma’s goals, in order to test external compounds for disease-modifying effects, without the obligation to disclose confidential information or give up intellectual property.