LEO Pharma in Ireland

In Ireland, LEO Pharma is present across manufacturing, production and commercial operations sites. The Company is spread across separate manufacturing and production facilities in Dublin and Cork, with the Dublin site being established in 1959 and Cork’s Heparin purification plant being built in 1987.

Our presence in Dublin

In 1958 LEO Pharma acquired premises in Crumlin, Dublin 12 and adapted it for pharmaceutical manufacturing. Over the past 60 years LEO Pharma has extended and developed the manufacturing facility and today we manufacture a range of topical products such as ointments, creams, gels and aerosols that serve markets all over the world. The site now employs over 650 people.

At LEO Pharma Dublin our mission is clear – we help people achieve healthy skin. Our strategy for 2025 is to be the preferred dermatology partner for patients and health professionals. Our values of integrity, customer focus, innovation, passion and adaptability define who we are.

Onsite activities include bulk manufacturing as well as filling and packaging. We are also involved in new product introduction and scale up, phase 2 and phase 3 clinical trial supply and development of pre-phase 3.

LEO Pharma Ireland Dublin office

Our presence in Cork

In 1987, LEO Pharma built a heparin purification plant at Little Island, Cork, which now employs 50 personnel across Operations, Quality, Technical Analytical Services, Engineering, Continuous Improvement and Administration. The site is one of two plants involved in the manufacture of the active pharmaceutical ingredients for Thrombotic (blood clot) products.

At LEO Pharma Cork our people mirror our values of intergrity, customer focus, innovation. passion and adaptability.

LEO Pharma Ireland Cork office


Our global team of committed and highly skilled employees are crucial for the realisation of LEO Pharma’s strategy toward 2025. Our people are passionate, dedicated, solution-oriented and are inspired by giving new hope to patients.

At LEO Pharma in Ireland, we strive to create work environments that foster development, engagement and collaboration, enabling us to build on LEO Pharma’s unique culture. Our people exhibit excellent teamwork and with a family like approach, are united in finding solutions.

Working as part of LEO Pharma in Ireland, each individual has the opportunity to gain more exposure, be influential and be part of the bigger picture. The part each member of our team plays in achieving our goals is significant and has a recognised impact.

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