The LEO Foundation

LEO Pharma is in a unique position to help people with skin diseases, wholly owned by the LEO Foundation, we have the privilege and ability to always put patients first, not shareholders. We focus on patient needs and do what is right in the long term. Profits are reinvested into the LEO group with the aim of continually providing patients with better care solutions so that LEO Pharma can go further in its mission to help people achieve healthy skin.

The LEO Foundation, an independent organisation which represents everything that LEO Pharma is passionate about: Innovation, people-focus and integrity. It aims to ensure the sustainability and continued development of LEO Pharma as an independent, competitive and research-based healthcare organisation. As part of its mission, the LEO Foundation supports research within the fields of medicine, chemistry and pharmacy. The LEO Foundation particularly supports international dermatological research projects and activities that address issues in disease understanding; disease treatment; awareness and patient well-being. The LEO Foundation’s mission statement also means that our patient-focused ethos of Helping SARAH is at the heart of all of LEO Pharma UK/IE’s activities.

The LEO Foundation also brings consistency to the group, giving us long-term stability so that we can continue to drive forward dermatology. Further information about the LEO Foundation can be found on their website.

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