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This is Olga Lopez
Olga works as a Patient Solutions Manager with Region Europe+, Cluster South.

I lead the marketing of biologic treatments in Iberia and represent Region Europe+’s Cluster South in all initiatives taken at a European as well as a global level.

My role allows me to have a range of responsibilities and permissions to define direction at both strategic and operational levels, and I am trusted to set the roadmap for different markets that I’m responsible for. I also have the opportunity to lead the marketing for our newest product to treat moderate to severe psoriasis, which was developed applying biotechnology.

What is so impressive about LEO Pharma is the company’s willingness to incorporate technological solutions for the different severities in a pathology, and even rare diseases. As a result, it is a company that does not neglect any patients who suffer from skin diseases.

What makes me feel passionate about my job is the perfect combination of various factors, which in my opinion, is hardly found at big companies. It is a place that gets you out of your comfort zone, challenges you and lets you move forward through continuous learning. 

To me pioneering means not being defeated by first mistakes and pursuing great results to create new solutions 
Olga Lopez
Patient Solutions Manager
Region Europe+, Cluster South