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This is Cath King
Cath works as a GMI Affiliate Team Manager with Global Medical Information.

“If you work hard and like working with and in teams, you can be the master of your destiny.”


The best part of my role is my team, which gives me the opportunity to travel and work with colleagues across the globe. Working with people from different cultures and backgrounds provides new insights and ways of working about the countries in which LEO Pharma conducts business.


I have had more growth and development with LEO Pharma than I have experienced with larger organisations. If you work hard and like working with and in teams, you can be the master of your destiny. 


Over the past 8 years I have moved from Senior Scientific Advisor for UK and Ireland to the Cluster regions (Nordics Australia and New Zealand), to Senior Medical Manager for the UK and Ireland and now I have a Global role looking after 8 Medical Information Affiliates.


Medical Information is one of only a few functions that can talk directly to the patient, and this can only be done with the knowledge of how and what information to provide for the patient.


At the moment, I am focusing on and thoroughly enjoying ruthlessly prioritizing, I am operating with laser focus so we can simplify what we do. I have had the opportunity to demonstrate this by streamlining the standard operating procedures and work instructions across the affiliates. 


If I could meet one healthcare pioneer, it would be Florence Nightingale because she did so much with so little; simple improvements in hygiene resulted in significant reductions in mortality.


What attracted me most to LEO Pharma was that it is built as a foundation, the location and its focus on Dermatology. It is a fun place to work, so much so, that it often feels like I’m just having a great time.


MAT-67050 July 2023


The culture is very inclusive and drives a strong collaborative culture making it a fun place to work
Cath King
GMI Affiliate Team Manager
Global Medical Information